FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers;

What advantage to the book with you?
You book directly with the owner

How does it work with an application?
Fill out a contact request form, preferably as fully as possible. Once you've sent it to you within 24 hours reaction. You can assume if there is a choice for a still-free period on the calendar that we immediately place an option for 3 days in the calendar. After you have after receiving our offer three days time to arrange your flight. In these three days you would confirm whether you want to use the quotation. If you do not then we have the right to drop the option.

The pool is private?
No, the pool is not private, it is shared with 11 other owners in our appartementencluster.In practice you will very often only to the pool. You can use the sun loungers and cushions the home are appropriate here.

Is there a public swimming pool?
Yes, there is a common pool by the sea and private beach of Boca Gentil. It is on the right front of the resort

Is it safe to Boca Gentil?
Yes, it is absolutely safe to Boca Gentil. Both the district "Jan Thiel", Boca Gentil has security staff and the apartment also features its own security that you should use. If you receive a visitor pass gepersionaliseerd you during your vacation at your arrival at Boca Gentil is showing.

Can I pay with Euros in Curacao?
No, the currency in Curaçao is the Antillean guilder, also called the NAF. The price of this is linked to the U.S. Dollar.

What language is spoken in Curacao?
It is conducted as a native language Papiamento. Furthermore, they speak Dutch and English.

What power supply do in Curacao?
Generally, there is everywhere
110 volt. At Boca Gentil is all 220 volts!

What temperature is Curacao?
Throughout the years a fairly constant temperature of about 28 deg c Night
and between 30 and 36 day gr.C