Green Mission


In the development of Boca Gentil Resort is one from the start of the project consciously engaged where possible to protect the environment. Boca Gentil is a "green" nature oriented park where wildlife come together beautifully. Checking used water and reuse provides a significant water savings. For construction of this resort is a project where even been King Willem Alexander's come take a look at their own wastewater treatment plant. This installation allows for reception of sewage and rainwater and purifies it again so it can be used for the irrigation of the plants on the entire resort during dry periods.

Electricity & Solar Energy

Gradually at Boca Gentil increasingly made ​​use of solar energy. Without that it is disruptive to our guests at various villas and apartments, the first solar panels are in use. As the sun shines almost every day on Curacao you understand that it is a sin to not reap the benefits of it. MaBoJo ordered for placing 12 solar panels on the garage at June 2014. These panels provide about 80% of the required energy. The high energy consumption is achieved by air conditioning in the apartment which is absolutely required for sleeping